lesson plans + resources

sooooooo this year is my first year teaching and i’m teaching freshman and sophomore english as well as either junior or eighth grade english. i’m obviously getting some resources from my district and also have access to CSCOPE, but i was wondering where else you guys look for resources to supplement my teaching.

i had a professor tell me not to try to reinvent the wheel, because everything i’m going to teach has been taught before. where’s the best place to look? just googling things like “high school english” gets overwhelming. so…advice? links?

  1. missdunlop answered: www.tes…. and teacherspayteachers.net
  2. teachinginthemiddle answered: i look at teachers pay teachers—not necessarily to buy but to get ideas
  3. lisalu22 answered: Check out my “Teaching with Soul” board on pinterest: lislalu707 and lots of other teachers post quality resources there, also TpT website
  4. hithertokt answered: Asking on tumblr. ;) What are you teaching for 9th grade?
  5. teachingorchestra answered: If you think something looks useful, make a place to bookmark it with a clear title for future access!
  6. littlestwampum answered: Better Lesson
  7. rookieteacher25 said: sometimes, I google _____unit plans for texts I know I will be teaching. I also check out teacherspayteachers. I usually end up mashing together ideas from the resources I find and my own ideas.
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